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Motivational Keynote Speaker - Chris Meade, PhD

Motivational speaker, Dr. Chris Meade, specializes on the topics of leadership, entrepreneurism, small business development, social responsibility, and architecting healthy teams and organizations.


"I have read several of Dr. Chris Meade's books and attended many of his speaking engagements. Testimonial for Christopher Meade PhD Without a doubt, Chris is one of the most energetic, thought provoking, and engaging speakers I’ve heard. He has a tremendous ability to take concepts, break them down, “unpack” them, and apply them to the individual or group. Every opportunity I have had to learn from him has resulted in significant personal and professional growth. I highly recommend and endorse Chris for any group who wants to go deeper and accelerate growth and development." - Lindsey Wallgren, BSU Student Services

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Listed below are speaker topics to choose from:


- A New Kind of Leader For a New Kind of World
- Five Habits of Successful Leaders
- Women In Leadership: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
- Developing a Culture of Servant Leadership
- Leadership Alive: Changing Leadership Practices
- Leading With Integrity
- Androgynous Leadership: Both/Ands of Leadership
- Leadership and The Digital Culture
- Upside Down Leadership: Followers That Influence
- Becoming a Transformational Leader
- The Innovative GloCal (Global & Local) Leader
- Leadership and Today's Entrepreneur
- Leadership With a New ETHIC
- Catalytic Leadership: Ambitious For Others
- Spiritual Leadership: The Tri-Dimensional Leader
- Leading Through Turbulent Times
- The Head, Hands, and Heart of Leadership
- Strengths-Based Leadership
- Five Keys to a Successful Leadership Transition

Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Self-Employment, Career Development:

- Increasing Your Earning Power
- Using Social Media To Build Your Brand
- Positioning Yourself Toward Success
- Developing An Attitude That Cultivates Success
- Bringin' It: Leveraging What You Do Have
- Attracting and Keeping Young Talent
- The Caring Capitalist: A New Kind of Entrepreneur
- Problems = Profit: Creative Problem-Solving
- Financially Alive: Added Value = Added Revenue
- The Wise Opportunist: Gaining Advantage Ethically
- Strategy Alive: 7 Steps To A Winning Plan

Motivational, Inspirational:

- Everyday Alive: An Environment For Success
- Onward: Overcoming the Fear of Failure
- The Only Way Over is Through
- Fully Alive: The Gift of a Healthy and Whole You
- Living Life Out of the Sweet Spot
- Developing an Extraordinary Attitude
- Finding Passion and Purpose in Work and Life
- Becoming a Voracious Learner
- Run Through the Tape: Finishing Strong
Ethics, Social Responsiblity:

- A New ETHIC For A New World
- Social Responsibility Through Generosity and Justice
- Financially Prospering with Integrity
- Character Traits That Inspire Success
- The Caring Capitalist: A New Capitalist For A New Day

Team Building, Healthy Organizational Culture:

- Essentials of a Healthy High Performing Team
- How an Effective Manager Motivates Others
- Community Alive: Building a Life Affirming Culture


"Chris is an inspirational, engaging, and motivational speaker with experience in Lyn Leadership Alive the business world, the university, and the church. He brings a fresh and timely talk that inspires people with vision and passion to pursue excellence in their endeavors. I'm a better leader and person today because of Chris' insightful talks. Chris brings energy wherever he goes, and pulls everyone’s ideas and strengths into the discussion. I have shared with others several of his patented leadership techniques, such as the “Head-Hands-Heart Model” and built many of his techniques into my leadership style." Lynn Seibold, Director Shared Services

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Dr. Chris Meade is an author, small business entrepreneur, leader-builder, MBA professor, and a dynamic motivational keynote speaker who specializes in inspiring, coaching and training healthy leaders, teams, and organizations. He speaks regularly at conferences and conventions. Chris is based out of Portland, Oregon, and travels throughout the United States and to China.