New Testament Alive: The Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John.
This book is an informative and inspirational devotional that focuses on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. Filled with personal life stories and insightful analogies, Dr. Chris Meade provides both a general overview of each chapter in the gospel as well as practical application for daily living.

Each chapter follows a similar format: (1) explores brief observations from the chapter, (2) unpacks one portion of scripture, (3) suggests an area of personal application, and (4) concludes with an honest prayer. This book informs the spiritual truth-seeker, encourages the tired and weary, and challenges the seasoned Christian as it presents Jesus in an authentic, relevant, and biblically accurate manner.

Product Details:
Paperback: 415 pages ($19.95)
ISBN: 0-9770110-1-8


"We have had the opportunity of knowing Chris Meade for over 20 years. Chris has been our pastor, teacher, mentor and friend. Chris is genuine, caring and johnny new testamentdeliberate. Any interaction with him, formal or informal always leaves you feeling encouraged and inspired. Chris has a wonderful way of helping you to pursue the dreams and goals deep within your heart without compromising relationships or values. His communication style is engaging and warm. Whether listening to a message or reading his books, there are wonderful, life changing pearls of wisdom that immediately impact our lives." - Johnny & Sabrina Chapman, Lead Pastors & Divsional Superintendents

"My life has been indelibly marked by Chris's teaching. His perspectives on leadership have helped define my own leadership style and I am a better leader for it. Oconradne of the unique gifts that Chris has is the ability to “unpack” a truth, to get to its core, but more importantly, to discover how that truth applies to life, business, and leadership. Chris’ thorough introspection challenges me to look beyond the surface, but also not lose sight of the big picture. As a result, I believe I lead with more compassion and grace and the end-sum gain is truly transformational. If you would like to see your organization rise beyond status quo, you need someone who can skillfully speak to the heart‐core of your leadership. Dr. Chris Meade is one person I know who can do that effectively, genuinely, and passionately. You will not be disappointed!" Konrad Ziesing, Executive Pastor & Adjunct Professor

"Dr. Chris Meade is an author, small business entrepreneur, leader-builder, MBA professor, and a dynamic motivational keynote speaker who specializes in inspiring, coaching and training healthy leaders, teams, and organizations. He speaks regularly at conferences and conventions. Chris is based out of Portland, Oregon, and travels throughout the United States and to China."