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Author Christopher Meade, PhD | Soon To Be Released

Community Alive: Connection. Transformation. Human Flourishing.
This book unlocks the timeless truths and benefits of belonging to and interacting within an authentic Christ-centered community. Dr. Chris Meade illustrates how our lives expand, deepen, and flourish personally, professionally, and spiritually because of the Life-transforming force that is present within a healthy community, organization and work-team. Over 100 businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, and work-teams are represented in this research-based project that was conducted in over 15 cities throughout the United States and China."

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Paperback 200 pages ($19.95)

Soon To Be Released

"Dr. Chris Meade is an author, small business entrepreneur, leader-builder, MBA professor, and a dynamic motivational keynote speaker who specializes in inspiring, coaching and training healthy leaders, teams, and organizations. He speaks regularly at conferences and conventions. Chris is based out of Portland, Oregon, and travels throughout the United States and to China."