Catalytic Leaders Alive: Core and Catalytic Leadership Competencies of Effective 21st Century Leaders.
This book contains the summarized research findings of a qualitative doctoral project on leadership within the context of the changing postmodern culture. The study was conducted at the Univeristy of Idaho and unpacks shifting leadership and mentoring practices of a multi-generational workforce and volunteerbase in the United States. Twenty national leader were interviewed from the East Coast to the Pacific Rim.

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e-Book: 85 pages - ($9.95)
ISBN: 0-9770110-0-3

"As the coordinator of the Emerging Leaders Program for the Meridian Police Department, I immediately knew that I wanted Chris Meade to be one of our guest presenters. meridian policeChris was able to connect with our participants by using his great story telling skills. He brings a fresh and timely talk that inspires people with vision and passion to pursue excellence in their endeavors. Chris has a unique way of getting me to think deeply and then act on what I’m learning. I'm a better leader today because of Chris' insightful talks. During his talks, he is able to draw from his experience as a leader in business, the non-profit sector, a university professor, but more importantly from his sincere desire to see people grow and develop as leaders." Sgt. John Gonzales, Meridian Police Dept.

Dr. Chris Meade is an author, small business entrepreneur, leader-builder, MBA professor, and a dynamic motivational keynote speaker who specializes in inspiring, coaching and training healthy leaders, teams, and organizations. He speaks regularly at conferences and conventions. Chris is based out of Portland, Oregon, and travels throughout the United States and to China.